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May/June 2018
With so many folks being pushed onto PIP from DLA remember to take your time in filling the form, and don't try and make out you can do something when in reality you struggle to achieve the task listed or need help with the task. Remember if you have to face a assessment to demand the assessors
GMC number of a doctor, ENB reference if a nurse and registration number for any other health service assessor, they cannot refuse you that information, if they try to just tell them that you will contact their governing association that they have refused to give you what is legally in the public domain and their organisations will deal with them. If you have no one to go with you record the conversation you have with the assessor, a mini tape recorder or mobile phone can undertake that task.

September 2018
The complaints about  PIP assessment continue to roll in to Disabilities Forum, we are now aware of 299 deaths of disabled people directly through assessors  claiming genuine disabled people are not disabled, the corrupt assessors hired by a corrupt ATOS health care, then over seen by a disgusting corrupt DWP whos sole purpose is to save the government money using the most vulnerable group in society to achieve that target.A recently heard about disabled person who was assessed 6 years ago by the DWP and placed on a higher rate than they had been in receipt of previously, this year a so called occupational therapist claimed the person was not disabled despite highly restrictive vision "confirmed by NHS", and very limited mobility which affected his daily life in almost every way. The corrupt Occupational Therapist made plenty of statements 80% in accurate, but in this case she came up to a former double qualified senior nurse  "RGN/RMN" and was recorded with DWP permission to expose the totally untrue statement claimed by the assessor, counter claimed by the disabled person.  The client has formerly complained to the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and having spoken to them discovered how disgusted they were with that assessor, the individual concerned is a Ms Sarah Price claiming to be an OT. The client was a type 1 diabetic 51 years a diabetic, who directly though her lies cannot pay for a  helper to draw up his insulin, or pay for a helper to prepare his meals "sight", and cannot get out as he can no longer afford taxis to travel. This assessor has been also reported to the police as a possibly deliberate manslaughter or even murder case.

Letter to the minister
October 2018

The Rt Hon Esther McVey

c/o the house of commons






The change over for Disabled People from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment is proving to be a highly dubious and corrupt exercise instructed by the Government through the totally corrupt Department of Work and Pensions and equally corrupt ATOS Health Care.

Disabilities Forum have had clients who are totally blind being assessed as having normal sight, clients with no legs in wheelchairs being assessed as walking 200 metres unaided, assessed by so called medially qualified health professionals

ATOS Health Care urge assessors to fail disabled people by pressuring assessors monies for the assessments and promising more work if they fail disabled people, the DWP assessors are civil servants who self admit to having no medical knowledge at all, disabled people are treated with contempt, lies and  no respect what so ever.

You as the minister concerned need to end this corrupt practice I am aware it is a money saving exercise using the most vulnerable members of society to save the government monies but in doing so people are dying  “299 to date, governments own numbers obtained directly related to assessment corruption”

The system may catch the odd fraud but in the attempt to save monies thousands of disabled people are seeing their quality of life reduced directly by the governments policies “yours”, people are being hospitalised through your policies and 299 have died as a direct result of your policies.

It was said to me that ATOS Health Care corrupt practices would and had lead to them loosing the contract but I am rely-ably informed that no other health assessment group would sacrifice proper assessment for government stipulations to fail disabled peoples assessments so ATOS who will sacrifice disabled people genuine disabilities for money were given back the role.

 Sort this out

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