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Members of the association of business professionals

ATOS healthcare corruption
and DWP assessors contempt
continues the latest
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Disabilities Forum is strongly
supporting "Extinction Rebellion"
we  have been to support the
cause and have also met with
some of our clients to join in.
"Its our planet we want it back"

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London-Manchester-Leeds-Ipswich-Bath-York-Norwich-Cambridge-Exeter-Liverpool-Plymouth-Birmingham-Colchester/Chelmsford-Cardiff-Newcastle- Edinburgh, Ireland-The Netherlands.

Now including "Disabled Action London"

Welcome to our web site
Disabilities Forum can assist, advise, and represent disabled people on a number of issues such as Benefits, Housing, Education, Training, Employment, Equipment Grants, Travel, and Leisure Access.
The service is totally free.
We can also do Phone Benefits instant work out

As disabled people we have a right to realise our potential, improve our quality of life, improve our income and compete equally with non disabled people. Disabilities Forum is an organisation run by disabled people to ensure we realise those goals and since May 2008 we have been assisting towards those goals.

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if leaving a message please leave landline phone number if you require a call back.  (10am to 4.30pm) at the moment our answer phone is broken so use email or referral form
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